Super Soft Velour- The soft and luxury Stylish velour
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Super Soft Velour- The soft and luxury Stylish velour

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What's the spandex super soft velvet?

Experience the luxurious feel of Poly Spandex 4 Way Stretch Velvet Fabric! This super soft and plush Velour is perfect for creating delicate and comfortable clothes, costumes, and home decor. With its exceptional stretch and recovery properties, this versatile fabric offers both comfort and functionality. Whether you're creating a stunning evening gown, a stylish blazer, or cozy throw pillows,  the spanndex super soft velour is the perfect choice. This fabric is made of a blend of 95% polyester and 5% spandex(also support the customization), offering excellent durability and stretch. The four-way stretch means that the fabric can stretch in all directions, providing a comfortable fit for any body type. Its 4 way stretch makes it ideal for activewear and dancewear, as well as for clothing that requires a form-fitting design.

Features of Spandex Super Soft Velour:

  1. Soft and luxurious to touch

  2. Versatile choice

  3. Comfortable to wear

  4. It comes in a variety of colors

  5. It's perfect for creating a range of garments such as dresses, skirts, pants, leggings


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Jinmaochang Textile — We are knitted polyester and elastane fabric factory in China with more than 20 years. We manufacture and supply distinct collections of knitted fabric with polyester and elastance, such as super poly, tricot sports fabric, spandex super soft velour, holland velvet, spandex polar fleece, KS velvet, etc.

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