What's the Super Poly, the most durable sportswear fabric?
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What's the Super Poly, the most durable sportswear fabric?

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Super Poly is 100% polyester with the knitted weaving method. The pattern is one side plain and one side brushed, and the popular dyeing treatment is solid dyed or printed.  The most significant feature of this fabric is the high resistance against wear and tear. Super poly fabric is highly appreciated for college students and school students, because it provides smooth and soft hand-feeling with small elasticity. Therefore, super poly/sportoc fabric is also popular in the field for sports and gym, and it's the most cost effective fabric for sportswear. If you are the fabric dealer who want to enter the sportswear or school uniform area, the super poly fabric is the less risky one for you to invest, becuase of its popular customer need and volume zone.

Features of Super Poly Fabric: 

  1.  Light weight

  2.  Smooth and soft hand-feeling

  3.  Shiny outlook

  4.  Wrinkle resistance

  5.  High tear resistance

  6.  Easy to wash and minimal care

  7.  Color fastness guaranteed

  8.  Small elasticity


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